Plant Shelf Waterproof Sticker

Tangled Stories Designs and Creations

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Dimensions: 1.9” x 3.9”

  1. This sticker is dedicated to all plant lovers out there. Showcase your love for plants with this plant shelf waterproof sticker, which illustrates (top shelf) string of hearts, wandering Jew, two kinds of snake plants on the 4th shelf, a couple of books with money plant and test tube plant propagation on the 3rd shelf, pothos and a few more books on the 2nd shelf, and Angelwing begonia and calathea on the bottom shelf. 

It is printed on waterproof and weatherproof transparent vinyl sticker. The sticker comes with a white protective back lining but the sticker is clear. This sticker is a perfect way to personalize your water bottles, cars, suitcases, gadgets, and more.