You Are Enough - Activate Your Angels & Magnetize a Soul-FULL Life by Lisa Driver

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In this, her fourth spiritual guidebook, award-winning author Lisa Driver will help you reconnect with your spiritual radiance, reminding you of your Divine perfection. She shares her personal journey along with spiritual tools – such as meditations, Angel Activations, exercises, and journal prompts – to help you heal your need to achieve, stop sabotaging yourself, and make room for pockets of rest, reflection, acceptance, and clarity. Feel the love of your angels and ancestors as they encourage you to let go of the past and the pressure you feel. You are loved. You are supported, You Are Enough.
Lisa Driver is an award-winning spiritual wellness author, a healer, speaker, and a busy mom to two beautiful daughters. She is a huge fan of all things spiritual and metaphysical, and she loves to inspire and motivate other nurturing women to stop seeking, start connecting, and manifest a rich, full life! You Are Enough is Lisa’s fourth spiritual guidebook since she began her spiritual healing journey in 2012. She was born in Regina, and resides with her husband Kyle and their two daughters in Medicine Hat, Alberta, in a house overlooking the coulee