Truth and Reconciliation designs - moon dreamcatcher on blue background - Keychains

Paper Roses

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Truth and Reconciliation design - a moon shaped dreamcatcher on a soft blue background, as a necklace

The owner of Paper Roses has pledged profits from the truth and reconciliation set earned from June 1'st through September 31'st to be donated to The Comeback Society, an indigenous run non-profit organization.

"We are The Comeback Society (TCS), a non-profit organization led by Indigenous peoples and focused on promoting Indigenous voices and culture. TCS is dedicated to advancing food sovereignty, cultural programming, cultural collaborations, land-based education, and education and training."

keychain is made of glass and a metal alloy that is nickel and lead free.

the image is 1" in diameter, making it approximately the size of a quarter. Comes with a swiveling lobster clasp.

The bottlecap options are made from a pressed & painted tinplate, accompanied by either an organza & corded 18" necklace, or a zinc alloy 25 mm keyring, depending on product type.

The bottlecaps were designed to be a more affordable alternative to the regular line by using cheaper materials and an easier assembly process. Epoxy is used in lieu of glass, and tin is used in lieu of a better metal. With that drop in price comes a drop in overall quality, though; These products are less resistant to water & other damages.

If you're wanting something to stand the test of wear & tear, it's very worth the upgrade to a zinc alloy product or better.