Mug - speckled clay blue - Low Rider - 2021 - HandmadeSask

Mug - speckled clay blue - Low Rider - 2021

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Earthy. Vibrant. All the speckles you need on a mug.

This listing is for a shorter, wider version mug. It doesn't sacrifice volume though, it holds plenty of coffee or tea.

Height: 3 inches X Width: 3.5 inches

Volume: 350 mL (12 ounces)

This listing is more one ceramic mug made with speckled clay. The piece was thrown on a wheel, trimmed to its final shape, and a handle carefully attached. 

This piece has a comfortable handle, a nice rim with smooth raw clay, and is sturdy enough to carry around the house. Maybe it will join you around a campfire, in the garage, or in the garden.

Each piece is handmade and fired twice, where the final firing hits 1200°Celsius degrees.