Rescued book by Janice Howden

Rescued book by Janice Howden

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By Janice Howden
Illustrated by Erika Folnovic

Hawkeye, a Tibetan Terrier, was raised in a place where dogs are bred and sold for profit. He and his brother Freddie are forced to leave the “puppy mill” and head out into a large, unknown world. As Hawkeye takes over telling the story in an amusing, spirited way, we learn that although he and Freddie we4re scared at first, they managed to find a place to sleep and enough food to eat, for awhile. Then one day, two men came to the park where Hawkeye and Freddie were hiding. The men were carrying a net and Hawkeye’s life changed in a forever, good way.

Honourable Mention, Animals/Pets, 2017 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards; 
Runner-Up, Wild Card, 2017 Great Northwest Book Festival; ​Five Star Rating, Reader's Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest 2017