Prairie Folk Bath Soak

Prairie Folk Bath Soak

The Wild Collective

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The scent of a prairie summer captured in a bath soak, this blend was made exclusively for sale at Handmade Saskatchewan locations.

Made in Regina in small batches using all-natural ingredients, all bath teas by The Wild Collective come with a reusable muslin tea bag to help keep your tub clean and your mind at ease - no one likes having to clean herbs out of the tub after a nice relaxing bath! Simply spoon your desired amount into the tea bag, tie it off, and toss in warm bath water. After your bath, flip the bag inside out to empty the herbs into the trash or your compost bin, and let the bag dry for re-use. Each jar of Prairie Folk yields 2-3 baths.

Essential oils in this soak include lavender, citronella, lemongrass, and spruce; it has a fresh outdoorsy scent perfect for finishing off a long day.

Other ingredients are: Epsom salt, pink Himalayan rock salt, dandelion leaves, raspberry leaves, calendula petals, milky oat tops.

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