obsidian crystal butterfly necklace

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A gorgeous crystal butterfly necklace made with natural obsidian crystals

Obsidian is a naturally occurring stone that is also known as volcanic glass, and the stone of the Incas/Mayans due to the abundance of the stone in those regions. It's known as sort of the algae eater of the metaphysical world, absorbing negativity, anxiety, and fear. It's a fiercely protective stone that's said to be able to shield it's user from psychic attacks.

Chain is 30" through 36" adjustable, made of a metal alloy that is nickel & lead free. The jump rings are made of stainless steel which are sealed closed using a jewelry adhesive.

Comes with a small charm on the front of the necklace, & a larger charm on the back of the necklace.

Upgrades & repairs available directly through vendor (Paper Roses) as needed.