Norse Tree of Life Earrings

Paper Roses

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Norse tree of life designs, as earrings. 

Black Tree on white background with the nordic compass around the tree

White tree on black background, with a discounted variant available

White tree on a rainbow galaxy background


The Ear Wires, jump rings, & trays on these earrings are stainless steel.


In Norse Mythology, the world tree is called Yggdrasill (EEEg-Dra-Syl), meaning "Odins Mount." The world tree represents the full universe, containing all the worlds there are, all the worlds there will ever be, and the cycle of time, where the stories of the gods play out over and over again in perpetuity. The term "Odins mount" refers to the legend where god-father Odin hung himself from the branches of the world tree during his wanderings, seeking wisdom. This was just one step in his journey to ascend to a higher version of himself, attaining the title of god of wisdom.