Good News Candle #010 (approx 5.25 in)

Good News Candle Makers

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Sculptural Candles by Good News Candle Makers!

Our pieces are hand-made by a single chandler whose techniques, shapes, and colours are galvanized from our dearest botanical plants. The outcome is tasteful art pieces that add alluring purity to your space.

Please be aware that each one of our candles are molded, dipped, carved and shaped by hand, therefore your candles may appear slightly different than shown in our pictures. Every wax mold absorbs and holds dyes differently depending on the state of the temperature, so the exact colour and shape cannot be guaranteed. Our products are shown through images and descriptions as accurately as possible.

What we make is a handmade piece; expect minor imperfections - this is what makes your product so special because not one candle is exactly the same.

All our goods are designed, manufactured, and shipped from our studio in beautiful Saskatchewan, Canada. Every single candle you see on our account is made by us. We believe in firmly routing ourselves within our community to ensure the highest standards of quality.