Giulia by Cara G Driscoll

Giulia by Cara G Driscoll


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Giulia (pronounced Julia) was the daughter of Caesar Augustus. Arrested for adultery and treason, Giulia is banished to the island of Pandateria for 5 years where she spends her days in the company of 3 servants, musing about former lovers, lost friends and the children she was forced to abandon.

The story of exile is woven together with historical fact and imagination. It takes place during a time of transition from acquiring land to build the Roman Empire to the implementation of the Pax Romana.

"Giulia" offers readers of historical fiction a compelling, introspective story of controversy and rebellion in the age of the Roman Empire.

The Characters:

Giulia - A woman of the gens, descendent of the clan Julius.
Damaris - Damaris became lame after her foot was trampled by a Roman soldier. Damaris becomes the stabilizing force for the exiles.
Dilf - Dilf's father indentured her for 5 years' service in lieu of taxes owing to the Roman Empire. Dilf will become a libertine in 3 more years.
Mishma - Mishma was sent into exile because of his foul odor from a botched operation after being made into a eunuch. He struggles with his loss of manhood.