Epoxy and burl cribbage board

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The Details
These boards are made with Western Canadian maple burl and coloured epoxy resin. They measure 4”x12” and the holes are drilled to 1/8”. Includes a set of 6 precision machined metal cribbage pegs. A custom designed holder which keeps the pegs secure between uses is also included. The pegs measure 29mm tall and are tapered to fit a 1/8" hole.

The Process

We use a lot of technology to bring these boards to life. All of our boards are CNC drilled and cut from a pattern designed in-house. If you choose to have your board personalized, we have a large CO2 laser that produces crisp, clean engraved text and images. Our detachable plastic peg holders are designed and manufactured on site using the latest in FDM and SLA printers; you won’t find these on any other crib board.

The Wood

We stock a carefully curated selection of the finest wood from around the world. Most of our lumber and burl is hand-picked and processed in house. Great care is taken to ensure that your crib board starts with the perfect piece of wood, each selected for exceptional color and character.

The Finish

We use a food grade finish made from a blend of natural oils. Each board is sanded perfectly smooth before the finish is applied by hand. Caring for the board is as easy as giving it a quick buff with a lint free cloth.