Double Hamsa

Double Hamsa

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The Hamsa symbol is one of the most recognizable talismans in the world. 

There is a rich and vital history to the Hamsa hand meaning, spanning across centuries and cultures. It's revered in several significant religions and universally acknowledged as a sign of protection and good luck.

The Hamsa hand is universally known for uniting the good, dispelling the bad, bringing about positive energy, and thwarting negative energies.

The talisman brings good fortune and wards off evil, depending on how it is displayed. If the hand is facing downwards, the owner is open to the universe's goodness and welcoming in good fortune and prosperity. A hand facing upwards it protects from bad luck. 

  • 7” chain
  • 7” Suncatcher 
  • made with gold plated materials
  • reiki infused
  • Crystals will vary