Crystal Apple Pendant Necklace

Paper Roses

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Crystal apple pendants, in different materials. Could make a fantastic present for a special teacher!

The chain on this particular necklace is a .925 silver snake chain, 24" long. 

Obsidian is a naturally occurring stone that is also known as volcanic glass, and the stone of the Incas/Mayans due to the abundance of the stone in those regions. It's known as sort of the algae eater of the metaphysical world, absorbing negativity, anxiety, and fear. It's a fiercely protective stone that's said to be able to shield it's user from psychic attacks.

White Opalite is a man made stone, made up of tiny spheres of Silicon Dioxide which stack onto each other in a pyramid grid shape, which give it it's opalescent sheen. It's said to have metaphysical properties that help to boost communication, assist with periods of transition, and encouraging persistence.

Clear quartz is most often associated with being an amplifier of intentions. It's a relatively common crystal that is also said to aid in concentration and assisting the user to have a clear mind.