Candle - Eucalyptus - Soy Blend Wood Wick, (4.2 oz)

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Soy Blend Wood Crackling Wick Candle

Eucalyptus - Look no further for the perfect candle to soothe and relax your body, mind and spirit.  The calming Eucalyptus scent is an uplifting, purifying and stimulating scent to the conscious mind, memory & mental performance, that can also aid in many respiratory problems.  Eucalyptus helps clear the mind & stimulate creative thought.  The bark and crushed leaves release a pleasant aromatic scent with camphor accents.

All Soy/Blend Wood Crackling Wick Candles & Wax Melts are created in my home in small hand poured batches, taking great pride in quality and appearance for each uniquely crafted product.  The candles are made with high quality Soy/Blend Wax and Fragrances, each with the Wood Crackling Wick.  Light your Candle and enjoy the "soothing" Crackling Wick sound (it's like having a little crackling fire burning in the background). 

Available in 2 sizes (8.4 oz. Jar, 4.2 oz. Jar)

Approximate burn time for each 8.4 oz Jar is 35 - 45 hours

Approximate burn time for each 4.2 oz Jar is 15 - 20 hours

***Recommended Use:  For initial burn of each candle be sure to burn for a full 2 Hours, or until wax pool meets edge of Glass Jar. Your Candle has a memory built into it so it is extremely important for the 1st burn of wax to pool to the edge of the jar for a proper burn each and every time afterwards.  Never burn a candle for more than 2-3 hours at a time.  Always keep wick centered & trimmed to 1/4" for an optimal burn.  Never leave a burning candle unattended.***