Blue Sandstone chips, faceted tourmalated quartz dangle earrings

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Dangling earrings with sparkly blue sandstone chips, and dainty faceted tourmalated quartz beads, with a hamsa charm. 

The Ear Wires, jump rings, & trays on these earrings are stainless steel.

Blue Sandstone is a man-made stone that glitters like the beautiful night sky; it's also known to share a lot of properties with obsidian, absorbing anxieties and feelings of depression, while helping it's user to think more clearly.

Tourmaline is said to encourage love, gently disperse emotional pain, and dissolve negative feelings. It is believed to foster a connection between the earth and the human spirit, and repel negative energies, shielding it's user.

The Hamsa Hand is a universal sign of protection, power, and strength. It's said to ward off negative energies, protect, and bestow blessings, and can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia.