Barn wood Coat Rack - 4 Hooks


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This vintage barn wood coat rack will look amazing in your entryway, living room or bedroom. It is a simple and affordable way to update your home decor, while providing a storage space for your coats, bags, purses, or dog leashes!

The barn wood is from my family farm, and every coat rack is super unique. No two racks will look identical; however, their size dimensions will be the roughly the same (vary by 1").

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==========WHAT YOU GET==================

This comes with the following:

1 - Barn wood board with Railway Spike Coat Racks Attached
2 - Long screws to attach shelf to wall

============= DIMENSIONS ==================

For the 4 Hook Coat Rack:
6.5"H x 26"W x 4.5"D

The railway spikes are 3" Long and 6" apart from each other


4 Hooks --> 26" Long

*** DISCLAIMER: Our barn wood comes in all different sizes, so your shelf may vary up to 1" - However, we try tour best to create a product that follows the measurements posted! ***

============= HOW ITS MADE =================

We used real railway spikes that were once used in the Canadian Pacific Railway! We buff them and weld them to a flat bar. We then paint them or leave vintage steel depending on what you choose!

The barn wood came from my family farm! We sold our cattle years ago and decided to turn our old slab fence into beautiful furniture pieces. We use mineral spirits to wash the wood, and give it a clear wax so it can we wiped.

============= CARE INSTRUCTIONS =============

Our products can be easily washed with soap and water, or just dusted with a damp cloth. Although we make our products with real wood and steel, they can still chip and scratch if roughly handled, so please handle with care!