Sailor Moon inspired crystal necklace - Dark variant

Sailor Moon inspired crystal necklace - Dark variant

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This incredibly gorgeous necklace features both obsidian chips in the main pendant, as well as a blue sandstone star on the back charm. The charms, design, and accents were all done with Sailor Moon in mind.
The main, heart shape pendant, features faceted glass that glitters like a gemstone of it's own when it catches the light. It's filled with natural obsidian chips.

Obsidian is a naturally occurring stone that is also known as volanic glass, and the stone of the Incas/Mayans due to the abundance of the stone in those regions. It's known as sort of the algae eater of the metaphysical world, absorbing negativity, anxiety, and fear. It's a fiercely protective stone that's said to be able to shield it's user from psychic attacks.

Also featured on this necklace is a blue sandstone star charm, as part of the back charm. (See photos.) Blue Sandstone is a man-made stone that glitters like the beautiful night sky; it's also known to share a lot of properties with obsidian, absorbing anxieties and feelings of depression, while helping it's user to think more clearly.The chain is 36" long with 6" adjustable in the back