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Pre-Built Cedar Solitary Bee Barn

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Pre-Assembled Solitary Bee Barn, 14” w, 15” h, 7” d
Made from Pre-Stained Cedar wood
Includes Small (6 x 6) Nesting Block (with Larvae – see Note Below)

Orders During Off Season: 
Leafcutter bee larvae are only kept in stock for a few months of each year. Solitary Bee Barns ordered between the months of July to January come with an empty nesting block and will have a hand-written code on the bottom of the Barn. This code can be redeemed for 25g of Leafcutter Bee larvae between February 1st and June 30th of each year. E-mail the code to and we will send your 25g bag of Hatch & Release Loose Cocoons via Canada Post FREE of charge.