Crystal & wire woven tree of life necklace - immitation citrine

Paper Roses

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Chain is 30" through 36" adjustable, made of a metal alloy that is nickel & lead free. The jump rings are made of stainless steel which are sealed closed using a jewelry adhesive. 

Comes with a small charm on the front of the necklace, & a larger charm on the back of the necklace. 

Upgrades & repairs available directly through vendor (Paper Roses) as needed. 

The featured crystal on these necklaces is immitation citrine (heat-treated amethyst.)

Citrine is a stone of happiness and abundance. It's said to increase optimism, cheerfulness, manifestation ability, and other positives. It's a stone representing "having enough," whatever "enough" may mean to the user. 

Amethyst is a naturally occurring stone that is highly popular and sought after both for it's beautiful color, as well as it's metaphysical properties that promote tranquility, absorb negativity, and support emotional balance in it's user.

Option 1: small leaf charm, large cat-on-moon charm with filigree on the back.

Option 2: Small "carpe diem" charm, larger crow-on-pentagram charm with crescent moon details on the back.