When Shadows Fall By Lindy Enns

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“Everything I hated and feared was outside that window. There was nothing between me and the night, nothing but a boy I didn’t know and shouldn’t trust.”
When the sun sets in Merak, a terrifying shadow world appears, guarded by nightmare beasts that prowl the darkness enforcing the rule of a tyrant lord.
Terrified of the night and plagued with crippling panic attacks, seventeen-year-old Ara Holstenner’s only solace from her anxiety is the bond she shares with her brave younger sister. But when Lan is taken by shadow creatures, Ara must embark on a perilous quest to rescue her, aided only by a strange boy who claims to be from her past.
But the night is not what it seems. If Ara cannot untangle the dark secrets lurking within its shadows, she will condemn her sister—and herself—to a lifetime of unimaginable torment.
Lindy Enns grew up on an acreage in Saskatchewan, Canada. For the past ten years, she has divided her time between her writing projects and her work as an educational assistant. She currently lives with her cat, Kaylee, and a rapidly shrinking collection of house plants. "When Shadows Fall" is Lindy's debut novel and the first book in her "Shadows of the Vale" series.
To learn more about her books and to keep up to date on all her writing news, you can subscribe to her email list through her website, www.lindyenns.com.