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Hi, please introduce yourself and your business.

Hi! I’m Jenn Collinson, owner and founder of Match Candle Co. I am based in Swift Current, Sask and do this as my side gig. I’m married with 5 kids – whose first letter of their first names spells MATCH! That is how my business name came to be. I make candles and wax melts using pure soy wax. Soy wax is a renewable resource and environmentally friendly. I also make a few other products and hope to expand my line soon.  


Why did you start crafting business and how does your passion still drive your business today?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur and like to keep busy. I’ve always loved candles so thought “Why not make them?!” I have a graphic design background and like to be creative. Coming up with new scents and new products keeps things exciting!



At what point did you realize this is what you wanted to pursue and that the potential to make a living from it was there or was there a turning point or what made you want to switch this from a hobby to more of a business?

I knew from the beginning I wanted to do this as a business. It took awhile to get started and to test wicks and waxes to get to the point I am at today. Having a large family, I like the opportunity of a home based business to make extra money to support my family, while having flexibility in when and where I work. I still have the safety net of a part time day job. 


What brought you to selling your products with Handmade Saskatchewan?

I came across the opportunity to sell through Handmade Saskatchewan online in the fall of 2019 while searching for tradeshows to attend. I submitted my application and a few months later was invited by Nell to sell my products through her store. 



What do you attribute your success to?

Long hours……hard work…….


What new products have you been working on? Any you would like to highlight?

I have a few new products in mind, stay tuned for Fall of 2020 for the release. 



How has the pandemic affected your business?

During Covid, I have stayed quite busy, which is nice. 


Have you noticed the online sales being bumped up and more active now during this year so far?

My online sales went up at the beginning of the pandemic. I think people felt a strong urge to support local if possible, which was nice. My big focus is my wholesale accounts, which have also increased through Covid. It's been really heartwarming to see my business grow. 


Thank you for your time!

You can contact Match Candle Co. through their social media and email below.

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