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Hi, please introduce yourself and your business.

Hello, my name is Courtney and I am the owner of Fabowlous Bows Infant and Toddler Hair Accessories.


Why did you start crafting business and how does your passion still drive your business today?

To be honest, I didn’t really plan on starting a small business.  Being the mother of a beautiful baby girl, I (naturally) wanted to find some cute bows for her to wear in photoshoots, to the park, beach, special occasions, etc.  What I found was that it was difficult to find exactly what I was looking for online, I would look and look and finally find the right colour, but then the style would be wrong or when I did find the perfect bow the colour was different than the picture. I also found that I am very particular when it comes to bows. I’ve always been a bit of a crafty person, I thought, maybe if I can get some fabric I can make these myself? So I sourced some supplies and ventured out to start making my own. 

From that moment on I was hooked, I made them by the dozen, matching to all kinds of different outfits, coming up with different designs, using all sorts of different fabrics and accent pieces.  I finally started sharing them and selling them to friends and other local moms and that’s when Fabowlous Bows really took off.  Knowing from experience that people are looking for consistency and variety, I try to keep this a central theme throughout my business. 



At what point did you realize this is what you wanted to pursue and that the potential to make a living from it was there or was there a turning point or what made you want to switch this from a hobby to more of a business?

There will always be someone out there looking for a bow.  There’s a bow for every occasion and in every colour.

Being able to make bows instead of having to go back to work seemed like something worth investing my time in. 


What brought you to selling your products with Handmade Saskatchewan?

Handmade Saskatchewan is exactly what Fabowlous Bows is. Our product is handmade right here in Saskatchewan. Being part of the Handmade Saskatchewan family is a great way to co-promote our businesses.


What do you attribute your success to?

My daughter, she’s the only reason this whole idea started.



If you could speak face to face with yourself when you first started, what pearls of wisdom would you impart?

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box, be creative, think of new ideas.


On thinking outside the box, your designs are very cute and sweet. I, myself, am very into Japanese street fashion and I couldn't help but notice some of your bows heavily mirror themes I see in both fairy kei and lolita fashions. Has this ever been a point of inspiration to you or a market you've known as that you could expand into?

I actually haven't really seen that type of fashion before, but definitely can see the same type of factors.

We definitely strive to make hair accessories that everyone can love, in all age ranges. So I spend countless hours coming up with new ideas to bring to Fabowlous Bows



What new products have you been working on? Any you would like to highlight?

We just released our Slice of Summer drop, this includes:
  • UV colour changing bows
  • 100% water-proof bows
  • Ice cream, popsicles, and more

We are also working on a ”Mommy and Me”  hair clip collection.


How has the pandemic affected your business?

The pandemic has affected everyone and has forever changed the world. We, like everyone else, are not immune to the dangers of COVID-19 and have taken every single precaution to ensure our workspace is clean and that we are up to date on the current SHA guidelines.


Thank you for your time! Any last closing comments?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog, check out our social media pages below!

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